Stella & Dot by Independent Stylist Kaela Kono

Believe August 12, 2011

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Mere words are often meaningless without evidence to back it up. That’s why I’ve included a link to a recent article which details how amazing the opportunity with Stella & Dot is.

Like many of the women or men who will read my blog, I was skeptical of direct sales too. So I totally understand any feelings of apprehension that you may be feeling towards joining our team as a new stylist.

While I cannot make any guarantees about what level of success you will have once you join, I can offer you a detailed analysis of the factors I considered before making the decision to join.

Also, I am here to answer ANY questions that you may have. And if I do not have the answer that you seek, I will diligently do my very best to find someone who does.

For now, I invite you to read the article below, and I welcome you to check (or follow) my blog often for updates.

Even if you have no interest in becoming a stylist now, I encourage you to be a part of my journey as I work hard to expand my business & help other women to feel empowered as we grow their businesses too!!

Thank you!



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